GovernanceChelmsford Science and Engineering Society (CSES) is a registered charity in England and Wales.

Ultimate operational, strategic and financial responsibility for the Society is vested in the elected Council as its trustees.

Appointments to the Council are approved by members.

Charitable status and constitution

What we do is governed by our charitable status, which requires us to define charitable 'objects' (aims) and 'powers' (abilities) with which to achieve them. These, along with other procedural details, are set out in our constitution.

Read our constitution here.

You can confirm our charitable status on the Charity Commission website (search for us by name or number).

General Meetings

The Society holds one Annual General Meeting (AGM) shortly after the start of each financial year (typically in November), and calls Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs) as required.

Major decisions, such as the ratification of a new Constitution or appointment of Council members, are taken at General Meetings and require a majority vote by those present to pass. This is an important opportunity for members, all of whom we would encourage to attend General Meetings.

Read minutes of our previous General Meetings here.

Legal details

We are a registered charity in England and Wales; our registered number is 291637.

Our registered address is:

1 Chelmerton Avenue

To view our accounts and other legal details, search for us on the Charity Commission website (by name or number).

Life Fellows

Our Life Fellows are senior members or former members of the Society who have contributed much over the years and to whom we are extremely grateful. The honorary position of Life Fellow is bestowed upon these individuals in recognition of this.

Our current Life Fellows are:

  • Malcolm McKay, a past President and former Webmaster;
  • Paul Ingle, a past President;
  • Harry Rosenbaum, a past President and long-serving Council member who retired in 2015 after more than 50 years' devotion to the society;
  • Vic Leverett, who served for three years as President and brought about a great number of improvements such as FES and Engineering Our Future; and
  • Peter Foreman, a past Treasurer.

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