Safeguarding policy

Chelmsford Science and Engineering Society (CSES) acknowledges its duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children or adults at risk and is committed to ensuring safeguarding practice which reflects statutory responsibilities, government guidance and complies with best practice.

Our safeguarding policy sets out how we will ensure that all individuals have:

  • a positive and enjoyable experience of STEM activities organised by CSES in a safe environment; and
  • protection from any abuse whilst participating in our activities.

The appendices to the policy define our associated procedures and practices:

  • Appendix 1 sets out our code of conduct.
  • Appendix 2 contains process flow charts.

All safeguarding queries should be addressed to the CSES President, who acts as the Designated Safeguarding Officer.

Download this file (cses_safeguarding_policy_iss_1_0_signed.pdf)Safeguarding policy[Policy statement]395 kB
Download this file (cses_safeguarding_appendix1_iss_1_0.pdf)Safeguarding policy Appendix 1[Expectations and code of conduct]239 kB
Download this file (cses_safeguarding_appendix2_iss_1_0.pdf)Safeguarding policy Appendix 2[Reporting and assessment process flowcharts]331 kB

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