CSES Imagine! Plastic - Friend or Foe?

CSES Imagine! Plastic - Friend or Foe?

Imagine! the Future by exploring plastic in our lives!

Many people believe that environmentalism begins and ends at the recycling bin. Simply throwing something away into a large recycling bin is enough to make us feel like we've done our bit.

But the recycling process is much more problematic and recycling plastics is much less straight forward than many of us think. Apart from complying with local rules and regulations, recycling is a business and as such must be profitable. If there is no demand for reprocessed materials, nobody will recycle them and if the recycled product is not good quality, nobody will buy it. Consequently, we consumers play a much more important role than we might imagine!

It is vital that we all play our part to ensure our beauty spots are not destroyed by pollution and our town centres are not clogged up with litter.

This particular challenge is concerned with PLASTIC pollution. Enter the challenge to encourage your friends and family to RECYCLE, increase their involvement with their environment and become part of the CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

Please register here if you would like to enter this competition.

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CSES IMAGINE! Environmental Challenge

CSES Imagine! Environmental Challenge

Today, modern society suffers many forms of pollution, litter in our streets, fumes in our towns and plastic waste in the oceans.

CSES hopes to encourage the young people of Essex to become aware of the (mainly human) activities which result in this pollution and IMAGINE! ways in which the pollution can be reduced or eliminated, or circumventions can be put in place to reduce the risk to the environment or human health.

This first of several challenges invites pupils currently in Years 6 or 7, individually or in teams of up to four (please check Covid tier rules for your area before planning a team venture) to investigate the risks posed to people just by walking to school or through a particular area of their Town Centre.

Please register here if you would like to enter this competition.

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Teaching GCSE Science with Circus Skills

Science + Creativity = Education

GCSE Science is one of the backbones of modern education. Diana Entwistle had a hunch that circus skills could help teach GCSE Science. With the help of Chelmsford Science and Engineering Society, that hunch has really paid off!

Watch her video covering combustion and the properties of hydrocarbons below!

The video on YouTube can be found here.

Network and Systems Engineer Job Opportunity at SEA-KIT

SEA-KIT is an Essex based company focusing on the development of Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs). Based in Tollesbury, the have developed a leading solution to remotely map under the sea. Their solution won the Shell Ocean Discovery X-Prize and recently completed a three week mapping mission in the Atlantic. SEA-KIT are currently looking for a network and systems engineer to join their team. The full job description can be found below.

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