Schools' Competition

The CSES Schools' Competition 2014 is open

Now accepting entries: The CSES Schools' Engineering and Technology Competition 2014, Friday 20 June, Anglia Ruskin University

We are very pleased to announce that the 2014 Chelmsford Science and Engineering Society Schools' Engineering and Technology Competition is open for business and accepting entries.

Everyone is most welcome, whether new or a regular, and we'll very happily help you out if this is your first time entering. If you require any help with the application process or would like us to come into school and discuss or present the competition please just ask.

All STEM projects are very welcome. This includes coursework, hobby projects, and those completed as part of STEM schemes such as the Engineering Education Scheme, Toyota Challenge, FIRST LEGO League, Go4SET, CREST Awards, and Youth Rocketry Challenge. Whatever your project, we'd love to have you along.

This year also sees the introduction of the STEM Club Award. If you are involved with (or run) a STEM Club at school, please do bring a sample of the activities and projects that the club has been involved with throughout 2013-14 (and some student members!) and showcase it to the judges. There is a prize available for the best club. Any showcase projects may also be entered individually to be assessed on technical merit.

We are aware that there are some potential A2 exam clashes with the date – please let us know if this may be a problem for you and we will do what we need to accommodate!

Please find below the information and documents that you will need to enter, particularly:

  • a poster to use around school to advertise the competition,
  • a quick guide explaining how to enter, and
  • the entry forms for projects and STEM clubs (including return instructions).

The deadline for entries is 15 June 2014, although you don’t have to wait for your project to be finished to enter it.

Again, if you have any questions, please do get in touch.

Download this file (cses_competition_poster_2014_1.pdf)1_poster.pdf[Competition poster]2135 kB
Download this file (cses_competition_quick_guide_2014_1.pdf)2_quick_guide.pdf[Quick guide to entry]4852 kB
Download this file (cses_competition_entry_form_projects_2014_2.xlsx)3_entry_form_projects.xlsx[Entry form (projects)]37 kB
Download this file (cses_competition_entry_form_clubs_2014_2.xlsx)4_entry_form_clubs.xlsx[Entry form (STEM clubs)]38 kB
Download this file (cses_competition_rules_2014_1.pdf)5_rules.pdf[Competition rules]777 kB
Download this file (cses_competition_technical_categories_guide_2014_1.pdf)6_technical_categories.pdf[Detailed information on the Technical Awards]1003 kB
Download this file (cses_competition_stem_club_award_guide_2014_1.pdf)7_stem_club_award.pdf[Detailed information on the STEM Club Award]676 kB

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