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Trust Science: Help Make Essex Covid-Safe - Vaccination facts and fiction

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Vaccination facts and fiction

Faith leaders – including those of Ethnic minorities – Doctors and Scientists have all voiced their support for the vaccination programme, and are encouraging reluctant groups – including teenagers and the elderly – to get vaccinated, but many are still reluctant to take part. Millions have been vaccinated already and the science behind vaccination is well established and lifesaving beyond any doubt.

Please TRUST SCIENCE: The COVID-19 vaccines on offer have been all been extensively tested, proven to be effective, and are safe and free. Like any other vaccine, they are not being used to inject us with microchips!

Yet still a significant minority of the UK population have voiced their reluctance to accept the vaccination when offered. This threatens to reduce the overall national take-up to less than the 80% which is accepted as the minimum necessary to protect us all and to prevent recurring infection waves.

Remember: those not vaccinated risk not just their health but the health of rest of the population too. We are not safe until everyone is safe. Every jab counts!

You will get lots of information (videos, posters and news clips etc) about COVID-19 – and the vital importance of getting vaccinated – from your TV, newspaper, social media and public sources on the internet (NHS,, YouTube, TikTok, etc). Spend a little time to view, browse or search and do your research; do you think that what you have seen will convince the people who are unsure or reluctant to have the vaccine?

Don't allow lies, myths and misinformation to go unchallenged. Please make sure your friends, your family, and members of your local community get vaccinated!

But all these words and images are still failing to convince significant groups within our society.

Surely YOU can do better! So start to Imagine! and create a poster or video for this life-saving challenge. Even without your own tech, you can work as a team with friends, draw or paint a poster, or make and edit a simple video using just your phone.

Your imagination could help prevent people from dying of ignorance.

Here are some examples of COVID-19 vaccination videos and posters

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Here are some examples of COVID-19 vaccination videos and posters

A simple animated video about vaccines, less than 3 minutes long.

A 9-minute video discussing the different types of COVID-19 vaccines currently available.

How high is the risk? A simple 11-minute video about the importance of vaccines and the potential side effects.

A short, 3-minute video showing how to easily make a poster about COVID-19 vaccines.

Tim Blais @acapellascience – vaccine Wellerman.

The British Red Cross on TikTok.


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And finally a resource for teachers and home educators

Celebrate vaccines –

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