The Chelmsford Engineering Society (CES) was officially formed in 1920 (the "Science" added later) but its roots go back a few years before this time.

Since the end of the first world war, senior engineers drawn from local companies (Marconi, Hoffmans, Crompton-Parkinson, Christy Norris etc. – then all major players) would gather to discuss their interests and relevant technical matters. These companies, now part of Chelmsford’s illustrious history, have undergone many changes but keen engineers continue to meet to this day.

One of the Society’s principal aims has always been to further the understanding of engineering both within its members and to the wider world. Since its inception, the Society has held regular meetings to educate, excite and enthuse. Its objectives are summarised nicely in its constitution:

One of the Society’s more recent aims (during the last 20 years or so) is to encourage apt young people to develop their skills in STEM (Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering) subjects, and to consider careers in engineering and science. To this end the Society holds an annual “Schools’ Engineering Technology Competition” for students up to 18 years of age. The competition has several categories, the winners of which (both students and their schools) receive worthwhile prizes. Nowadays the Competition draws entrants from many Schools in Chelmsford and East England. You can find out more about this year’s competition here.