Brand guidelines and logo

Society name and taglines

The society must be referred to, in all communications, as Chelmsford Science and Engineering Society [no article, "and" not ampersand].

The only acceptable abbreviation is CSES, and this must be defined in full before it is used, as Chelmsford Science and Engineering Society (CSES).

The society's official taglines are:

Colour palette

The official society colours, derived from the logo, are:

(Using the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and CMYK Coated FOGRA39 (ISO 12647-2:2004) colour spaces)

Society logo

The artwork for the society logos can be downloaded below, and may be used with our prior permission. The logos are copyright © Chelmsford Science and Engineering Society. Alteration of the logo or deviation from the approved artwork is expressly forbidden.

Please contact the Webmaster if you wish to use the society's logo. DO NOT use the logo in the website header as this is unique to this application.

There are four configurations, which may be used without preference to suit the application:

There are three colour schemes, of which one is preferred:

In total, therefore, there are 12 logo variants. Below a certain size, the ball bearing motif should be removed for clarity. Please ensure that you discuss this with us, if necessary, so that we can provide an amended version of the logo.

Standard publicity

A digital version of our standard "join us" flyer can be downloaded below.

Access this URL ([Logo artwork (captioned)]
Access this URL ([Logo artwork (captioned 2 lines)]
Access this URL ([Logo artwork (letters)]
Access this URL ([Logo artwork (roundel)]
Access this URL (cses_flyer_A6_display.pdf)cses_flyer_A6_display.pdf[Join us flyer (CMYK)]